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SCBA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the beautification and improvement of our community. Transforming public spaces from eyesores to mini parks and gardens, adopting medians and parkways, adding “Welcome” signs, and planting trees are just a few of the things that SCBA does on a continuing basis. The goal of every project we undertake is to create pride among our residents and to build a stronger sense of community.

SCBA is managed by volunteers, but it is run as a business, keeping tight control on expenses and making every dollar work. By leveraging city and partner resources, securing private and public grants, and always with the generous contributions from individual contributors, SCBA has been able to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in beautifying Studio City since its inception in 1984.

SCBA oversees a professional maintenance program of weeding, tree trimming, irrigation repair, monument restoration and other ongoing maintenance expenses that amount to well over $25,000 a year.

SCBA is proud to say that we employ sustainable ecological methods, using California native and friendly plants, organic materials and the latest in irrigation technologies.

If you are looking for information on the current watering regulations for Studio City, the following link will provide that information.  Current Watering Regulations.

SCBA Board of Directors are:

Karen Younce, President
Beth Dymond, Vice President
Connie Elliot, Secretary
Charles Blakeslee, Treasurer
Barry Johnson
Andrew Epstein
Meg Seltzer
Robin Seidel


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Beautification Projects

Beauty Awaits

  • Studio City Residents Association, SCBA’s sister organization collaborated with other organizations in obtaining grants of $1,090,000 to improve the north side of the LA River bank between Whitsett and Coldwater

  • “Studio City Welcomes You” monument on Ventura at Longridge

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